Unless your vehicle already has a hitch installed on it, you probably have never given much thought to a trailer hitch and its uses. In fact, you might have even thought, “I don’t have a trailer, why would I need a trailer hitch?” However, there are multiple uses and benefits to having a vehicle with a hitch on it, and our team at Hitch King is here to spell a few of them out.

Reasons You Need a Trailer Hitch

1. Bike Rack

While it’s true that not everyone has a trailer, many people do own bikes, and life would be a lot more convenient if they had a way to transport them. If you’ve ever driven with your bike in your backseat, you know there has got to be a better way. Bike racks can be easily attached to a hitch, and your bike can be transported to the trail of your choice without having to sacrifice the space in your backseat.

2. Extra Cargo

Another great way to use a hitch is to use an attachment that hangs on the hitch like a shelf. You can use this “shelf” to haul any extra cargo that won’t fit in your trunk space. This is especially helpful for large families taking trips who could benefit from more cargo room but do not need a full trailer. Be sure to work with a professional if you choose to use this feature to make sure your vehicle is outfitted correctly for its size and capabilities.

3. Towing Ability

Finally, the most obvious reason to have a hitch installed on your vehicle is to be able to tow a trailer. However, a trailer isn’t the only thing you could be towing. With the right hitch, you could also tow an RV, a boat, or even another car. If you find yourself needing to move these large items on a regular basis, renting a truck can get extremely expensive and inconvenient. Consider having a utility tow hitch installed that will make your trips much more doable.

If owning a vehicle with a trailer hitch would make your life easier, contact the hitch experts at Hitch King at (718) 353-6078. Our knowledgeable staff will help find the perfect solution to all of your needs. Check us out in Floral Park, New Hyde Park, or any of our surrounding NY locations, or request a quote online today!

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