Summer is here, and you’re ready for some outdoor adventures! Biking and boating are at the top of your to-do list, but first, you need to get your vehicle ready to carry your gear. If you’re interested in having a hitch bike rack installed, here are a few things to consider. No matter what your vehicle type or hauling needs are, the hitch experts at Hitch King can help you decide which hitch is right for you. 

Hitch Bike Rack

1. Cargo Access

A hitch-mounted bike rack can make accessing the rear cargo space of your SUV or minivan difficult. To give you full cargo access, one option is a folding bike rack. These conveniently allow the rack to be folded with bikes attached so that you can open your rear hatch. Another option is the swing-away rack which features the ability to swing the rack out of the path of the rear hatch while the bikes are mounted to the rack. 

2. Number of Bikes

Most hitch-mounted bike racks have the capacity to hold 2-5 bikes. Some racks offer the ability to add additional bike capacity at a later time. Your friends at Hitch King will make sure that your hitch is capable of supporting the weight of your bikes.

3. Frame Compatibility

One of the main differences between hitch bike racks is how the bikes are mounted to the rack. A standard men’s frame can be mounted on to a standard frame mount. However, if you have a variation of bike frames, there are several attachment options available. 

4. Security

Hitch-mounted bike racks offer two levels of security. First, many racks provide integrated locking mechanisms to secure your bikes to the hitch rack itself. Second, locking hitch pins are often used to secure the hitch to your vehicle. 

Now that you know some of the hitch model variations, all you have to do is bring your vehicle to our store and let us help you find a bike rack that meets your needs. Hitch King has convenient locations in Flushing, Floral Park, and New Hyde Park. However, if you prefer to call first to ask a question or confirm that we have something in stock, contact our staff at (800) 448-2454.




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