Anyone who has spent time on the road in an RV knows that this type of vacation and lifestyle is addicting. If you’ve rented an RV a few times, you may be thinking about making a more serious commitment. Whether you plan to make regular weekend trips or you want to sell your home and live in your RV full-time, there are some questions you should ask yourself before buying an RV. Consider these three questions from your friends at Hitch King before pulling the trigger.

Are You Ready to Buy an RV

1. Do You Know What Questions to Ask?

Buying an RV is a big investment, so it’s best to make up a list of questions you want answered before you start shopping. If you’re planning on buying used, it’s a good idea to get a history of the vehicle, so ask questions like, “How often has it been used?” and “How old are the tires?”. Remember that buying a used RV is like buying a used car, so also be sure to ask if it’s ever been in an accident or had major body work done.

2. Will This RV Meet Your Needs?

Before you start shopping, think about what your specific RV needs are. How many people will regularly be camping with you? How many beds will you need for everyone to sleep comfortably? Also, do you plan on camping at sites with full hookups or will you be boondocking? You won’t want to buy a deluxe model with all the bells and whistles if you won’t have power to use them!

3. Can Your Trailer Hitch Handle an RV?

Finally, you need to make sure your vehicle and hitch is fit to pull your new RV. If you aren’t sure what type of hitch you’ll need, visit our team at Hitch King. Our team of experts is standing by ready to help outfit your truck. Our focus is on quality and durability, so we pride ourselves in providing the best parts and expertise to be your one-stop shop for custom truck accessories.

Are you ready to start adventuring in your very own RV? Get started today by outfitting your truck at Hitch King in NYC. Contact us today at (718) 353-6078 to learn what type of hitch you’ll need to get your truck ready for camping fun, and get started on your new journey!

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