Why Choose Professional Trailer Hitch Installation?

If you own a truck and frequently find yourself hauling trailers, boats, or other heavy loads, a trailer hitch is an essential accessory that can greatly enhance your towing capabilities. While there are DIY options available for installing a trailer … Continued

Why Choose Hitch King

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Gooseneck vs. 5th Wheel Hitch

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Which Hitch Is Right for You?

Hitches are not one size fits all, and when towing heavy loads, it is important to use the correct hitch or you could risk damaging your truck and equipment. Heavier loads such as tow-behind RVs or horse trailers require a heavy-duty … Continued

Custom Fifth-Wheel Hitch Installation in NYC

Are you considering a fifth-wheel hitch for your truck? Or maybe your existing hitch is in bad shape and you’re in need of an upgrade? No matter your fifth-wheel hitch needs, Hitch King of NYC has your custom solution.

Invest in a Quality Fifth Wheel Hitch

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10 Trailer Hitch Accessories for the New Year

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3 Benefits of a 5th Wheel Hitch Installation

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