Have you been considering a fifth wheel hitch installation? Are you wondering whether installing a fifth wheel hitch is worth it? Hitch King, New York residents’ hitch expert for over 40 years, outlines the following perks to a 5th wheel hitch installation.


If you’re wanting a hitch that can stand the test of time, then a 5th wheel hitch installation may be a good option. The hitch rail kit we use at Hitch King makes our 5th wheel hitches extremely strong, able to withstand, support, and strengthen your truck’s bed.

Towing capacity

It’s no secret that a 5th wheel hitch allows you to carry more weight. If you know you’re carrying heavy loads and a Reese hitch doesn’t quite cut it, then installing a fifth wheel hitch can allow your truck to tow more without putting extra strain on your truck.


When you aren’t towing, you can easily remove our fifth wheel hitches for safe storage or to give you more space in your truck bed. Additionally, this removable feature makes it easier for you to upgrade in the future, if necessary.

Before deciding on a 5th wheel hitch installation, be sure to talk to the trailer-hitch professionals at Hitch King. We want to help you find a hitch solution that’s best for your vehicle and the cargo you plan to haul. Hitch King of Flushing, NY can help you find a fifth wheel trailer hitch or a gooseneck trailer hitch that can stand the heavy load and many miles for years to come.

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