Summer is road trip season for Americans and this summer is no exception. Millions of Americans will be hitting the road this season and many of them will have various trailers or RVs to pull behind their vehicles. If you are planning a road trip and using a hitch, it’s very important to understand how to do it safely for the sake of you and your fellow drivers. Follow these three tips from Hitch King to stay safe on your summer road trip this year.

Trailer Hitch Safety Tips

1. Load Correctly

First, before you even head out on the road, hitch safety has a part to play. The way you load your trailer affects the way it handles out on the road, so loading it correctly is extremely important. If you’ve never loaded a trailer before, we recommend speaking with a professional so you can understand correct loading and weight distribution. Without proper distribution, you may experience trailer sway out on the road, which can be very intense and difficult to get back under control.

2. Check Often

Next, once your trailer is loaded, you need to perform a towing safety check before you embark. Check your tire pressure, brake and signal lights, and tow hitch and coupling to make sure everything is in good working order. Then, plan on making periodic stops along the way so you can recheck and make sure nothing has gone awry while you were out on the road. It may start to feel excessive and repetitive, but safety is always worth the inconvenience.

3. Drive Carefully

Finally, while you are out on the road, take certain precautions that you wouldn’t normally need to do. Find the best route to avoid heavy traffic, make sure your route has rest stops along the way that can accommodate your trailer, and make sure you are comfortable behind the wheel. Remember, you are likely going to be going slower than usual and need more time to brake to avoid rear-ending the car in front of you. Give yourself plenty of time and space on this road trip.

To get your road trip started on the right foot, trust the experts at Hitch King. We’re here to answer any of your hitch-related questions or help you find the right hitch for your summer road trip. Contact us in New York today at (718) 353-6078.

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