Did you recently purchase a motorhome for all your summer adventures? Maybe you don’t own an RV, but you’d like to be able to rent one to go camping? If your vacation plans include a travel trailer or pop-up camper, then you’ll need to make sure your vehicle is ready to haul it. You need a custom trailer hitch from Hitch King.

About Us

Travel Trailer HitchHitch King is not just another auto parts store. We specialize in providing New York residents with the highest quality custom hitches, truck accessories, trailers, and much more. Not only do we supply the parts, but we can also expertly install them in any of our NYC locations. We’re a family-owned business that has been in business right here since 1970. Our customers know that when they come to Hitch King, they’ll get quality service and only the best parts—most of which we have in stock and can get them to you the same day.

Custom Hitch Installation

If all that stands between you and summer camping is a trailer hitch, then come to Hitch King. No matter your vehicle, we can help you find a hitch solution so you can enjoy pulling that camper trailer. We offer same-day hitch installations on most vehicles because we have all the parts we need right here in our warehouse. Plus, our pro staff knows how to install hitches on everything from a garbage truck to a sedan. You can rest assured not only that you’re getting a great hitch but that it’s done fast and efficiently.

Free Quote

Do you want to get a free estimate before you come down to have your hitch installed? No problem. Contact Hitch King today at (718) 353-6078, and our staff will do their best to answer your questions and get you those numbers. Before you know it, you’ll have just the right hitch and will be ready to take off on your next great camping adventure.


photo credit: brewbooks via flickr license

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