As winter in New York wears on, many start to consider purchasing their own snow plow. Whether you’re tired of waiting on a professional to clear your driveway, or you’re looking to make some extra money plowing, now is the perfect time to pull the trigger and purchase a snow plow of your own. However, before you make such a big purchase, research must be done. Today on the blog, your friends at Hitch King are discussing the difference between two common snow plow options so you can decide which is right for you.

Straight Vs. V-Plow

V-Plow Advantages

V-plows are generally the most popular choice for experienced plowers. The dual blades allow you to have more control over your plow, and you have more options with the V-plow. It’s generally easier to open up a driveway with a V-plow as you do not need to drive in at an angle and the scooping option makes clearing a parking lot more convenient. Also, V-plows are good at breaking apart snowbanks as the v-shape can cut right through dense piles.

Straight Blade Advantages

A straight blade snow plow is thought to be better for novice plowers, however, experienced plow operators can also enjoy the benefits. While they come with fewer options, they are simpler to operate with easy up, down, left, and right movements. Also, because they have no hinge points or moving parts, they have fewer things that can break and therefore last longer than V-plows. Finally, straight plows usually cost less than V-plows so they are great for beginners looking to minimize their initial costs.

Which Is Best?

Bottom line: you can’t go wrong with a straight plow or a V-plow. They are both highly effective for snow removal, and each option comes with pros and cons. When you work with a professional at Hitch King, we can help you evaluate your needs and decide which plow is best for you.

Hitch King offers a wide range of heavy-duty snow plows for sale in NYC and beyond, and our services don’t stop there. We also provide installations, snow plow parts, plow repairs, and many other expert services. Stop by the showroom at our Floral Park location today to learn more about gearing up your truck with a plow. Or contact us at (516) 888-3663 for a free quote.

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