You’ve been contemplating whether you should invest in a custom trailer hitch for your vehicle. You ask yourself, “Is it worth the cost?” You even wonder, “Maybe I should just rent a truck instead?” These questions are good ones and are worth considering. However, let our crew here at Hitch King of NYC give you a few reasons why you may just want to buy a hitch.

Trailer Hitch

1. You do a good amount of towing.

In the last year, you’ve had to rent or borrow a friend’s truck with a hitch multiple times. It’s becoming a trend. More than likely, it’s time to purchase your own trailer hitch rather than shelling out money to someone else every time you need to tow something. The hitch may cost you a bit up front, but it will save you over time from having to rent trucks.

2. You own a recreational vehicle.

Are you the proud owner of a motorhome, off-road vehicle, or perhaps a snowmobile or two? If so, you likely need a custom trailer hitch to get your “toys” where you want to go. We can outfit your truck to do the hauling, or if you have a full-size RV (versus a travel trailer), we can create a hitch to pull your toys or your personal vehicle behind it.

3. You are planning to purchase a trailer.

If you plan on purchasing a trailer, it’s only good sense to also own a hitch. Otherwise, that trailer isn’t going far.

At Hitch King, we take your vehicle and towing needs and help you find the perfect custom hitch solution to help you get the job done and not go broke. We’ll even install it for you. To find out more, stop by one of our NYC Hitch King locations, or contact us at (718) 353-6078 during regular business hours.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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