Spring Break season is upon us and if you’re planning a family trip to a warm destination, chances are you’ll want to take your boat with you. Extended road trips with a boat in tow make for memorable family vacations and our team at Hitch King wants to set you up for success this year. The first step toward tow trip success is using a vehicle that’s up to the task of towing the designated boat and trailer rig, while comfortably accommodating passengers over the course of an extended journey. Be sure your vehicle is rated to tow the combined weight of the boat and trailer, taking into account the terrain and temperatures you expect to encounter en route. Read on to find a few more tips and tricks, and get ready for a Spring Break to remember!

Towing a Boat

Consider Your Storage

Before you embark on your trip, you should know your actual trailer weight when the boat is packed for the long haul. If you’re towing it with fuel and water tanks filled to capacity, and using the boat to transport coolers of food or beverages, have it weighed as such. You may find that the trailer and/or the tow vehicle may not be rated to carry that additional weight. If so, you’ll need to plan to top off fuel and water tanks at your destination. Also, be sure to distribute the load so it’s even on each side, and that more than half — but no more than 75 percent — of its weight is located forward of the axle to prevent fishtailing. Too much weight forward of the boat trailer’s axle can affect steering and handling.

Preform Regular Checkups

Conduct a thorough check of the trailered rig well in advance of the trip so that broken, missing, or required items can be installed and/or repairs made. Prior to the trip and at regular intervals while on the trip, such as at every fuel stop or restroom break, perform another check of the trailer to make sure everything is still functioning properly.

Find Out More

At Hitch King, we can help you find a custom hitch mount that is durable enough to haul your boat. We have nearly every kind of hitch you can imagine right here in our Flushing, NY, store, and our team can also provide you with expert installation in no time. If you have additional questions about towing a boat, especially in relation to proper hitch usage, just ask our staff here at Hitch King. We’d be glad to answer your questions and help you find the right hitch for your spring break fun. To find out more, contact us today at (718) 353-6078.
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