snow plow NYCDepending on where you live in New York state, you could see anywhere from two to ten feet of average snowfall in any given winter! That’s a lot of shoveling! Hitch King of NYC recommends that you do your back a favor. Consider getting a new snow plow before winter’s end.

At Hitch King, we know snow. We’ve been open and serving New York City and its boroughs since 1970—just think of the snow we’ve seen! We want to help NYC residents beat the winter blues by providing the best snow plows and snow plow repair service in New York City.

Hitch King carries a variety of new snow plows, all of which are tough, durable, and ready to withstand an NYC winter. You can choose from straight blades, steel snow plows, manual plows, and V-plows—to mention a few. And if we don’t have the snow plow type or brand in stock, we can get it for you. If you aren’t sure what you need, our snow-plow experts can help you better understand your options.

When you purchase a snow plow from Hitch King, we can also do the snow-plow installation for you. We’ll make sure the snow plow is expertly attached to your vehicle. Plus, we have many of the necessary hitch components and snow-plow parts in stock. If you already own a snow plow that needs repair or you just want to have it inspected, look no further than Hitch King. We offer a variety of snow-plow repair services to keep your snow plow in top condition. Our technicians have over 30 years of snow-plow repair and maintenance experience.

Contact Hitch King today at 718-353-6078 to get a free quote on a snow plow, snow-plow parts, or snow-plow service. Our staff is ready to help you beat the winter weather.

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